BORDÆR: Cartographies and Narratives of Migration

In progress - William Bullock Prize 2020

Awarded by USC Fisher Museum of Art + Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo de UNAM, and Palabra de Clio. In collaboration with Junt@as Vamos, Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juarez  (MACJ), and Grupo Enfoque A.C.


Beginning in 2019, Ciudad Juarez began to receive a migratory wave of thousands of Central Americans citizens seeking asylum in the US. Many of them had been "returned" to their country of transit and forced to wait for their asylum application in Mexico. The volume of migration and hasty patchwork of federal, state, and binational policies have resulted in an overnight crisis as the city's infrastructure and social services quickly became overwhelmed.

Bordær is a collective art project, developed with a group of asylum seekers impacted by the "Return to Mexico Program" or "Migrant Protection Protocol" (MPP) and sheltered in Casa de Acogida in Ciudad Juarez. The project is envisioned as a multidisciplinary creative laboratory in close collaboration with MACJ and professionals from the disciplines of urban design, art, pedagogy and anthropology.

Participants are provided a space to narrate, draw, and expand on their experiences through embroidery. Embroidery will be explored as a narrative tool to trace the spatial and territorial perspectives of the migrant experience, as well as the personal journeys of those who are currently in the shelter. These stories intertwined will form the narrative context for a collective creation built on the various experiences that we will uncover through artistic process.

Stories of Migration Map.jpg