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2005-2008 / Talca, Chile / SUSUKA Architects


In difficult neighborhoods a church is not only a place for cult. It embraces a social program. In this case, the budget was very low (60000 U$ for a 200 m2 chapel) and the site, small and irregular.

A series of proposals evolved to a single torsion volume that avoids a front and rear façade, plus it evokes the reigning geometry; more a covered plaza than a building, a sign of optimism in harsh conditions; a light in darkness.

In accordance with its formal concept, the church has been located in the middle of the terrain for separating the cult act from community activities. In this way, intermediate spaces can be used as little places for ceremonies or social use.

Since stones (and other objects) are constantly thrown, a ceramic-mosaic finish is projected; acting as an easy to repair, cheap, already broken wrapping, but also following a millenary religious technique.

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