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2017 / Huayllay, Pasco, Perú

In collaboration with: Elizabeth Añaños and Ana Cecilia Diaz

The miner town of Huayllay is part of the region of Pasco rich in natural resources. The extractive approach of mining activity has created a significant economic, social, and ecological imbalance along the region. 

The population of Huayllay has high rates of poverty. Children suffer malnutrition, diseases, and learning problems. The lack of public investment in many regions of Perú has propitiated a mixed (private/public) financing model called "Obras Por Impuestos." This compensatory model allows a tax reduction to companies that invest in public projects. We designed the school in the frame of this model. The project is an effort to bring the mining industry, local authorities, and community together to improve the space where children study, play, and interact.

The project conserves some existing structures but replaces others. The new school is designed as a place for playing, where many small interconnected spaces stimulate interactions between children and their environment.

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