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2009 - Talca, Chile  - Taller de Obra, Universidad de Talca


Taller de Obras is a Design Studio-Workshop at the school of architecture in Talca. The studio brings together students from the second to the fifth year to develop a collaborative project. Under this framework, Plaza Bosque is an academic exercise where students were able to identify a semi-abandoned public space in a residential neighborhood. 


The students managed a donation of 100 small trees or seedlings. These plants were the starting point for the plaza's design. A grid of 10x10 trees in a strict square adapted to pre-existing paths, a mini tennis court, and an existing kiosk. Then, the group designed and built light structures of Coligues [a local species of bamboo] to protect the small trees and give them space and time to grow. 


Thanks to the community support and strong management skills of students, the project had an excellent reception among the residents of the neighborhood.

FACULTY: Juan Pablo Corvalan, Gabriel Vergara.

STUDENTS: Mario Ignacio Verdugo, Patricia Urrutia, Raul Hayden, Alfonso Garrido, Samuel Jara, Carolina Solorza, and Jose Luis Garrido [5th year] - Cristian Nuñez, Cristian Chavez Vidal, Roberto Barraza, Catalina Rojas, Marcelo Ojeda, and Cristian Millán [4th year] - Ariel Oyarzun Navarro, Marina Gonzalez, Claudia Palma, Carol Soto Gonzalez, Cinthia Garrido, Claudia Hernandez Peña, Fabrizio Rivano Miccono, Carla Muñoz Palma, Paulina Loyola Fernandez, and Maria Jesús Varas [3rd year] - Jose Hormazabal Saez, Nadia Cerpa, Julia Lopez, Esthefany Contreras, Yasna Rivera, Yoselyn Soto, Martin Fernandez, and Edison Rey Ormazabal [2nd year]

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