2009 / Talca, Chile / Taller de Obra, Universidad de Talca

Faculty team: Juan Pablo Corvalan, Gabriel Vergara


Under the framework of the August Workshop at The School of Architecture at Universidad de Talca, Plaza Bosque is an academic exercise and project developed by students and faculty team. Who identified a semi-abandoned public space in a southern neighborhood of the city to intervene using only the resources provided by the school and own management.

The students managed the donation of 100 small trees, which were used as a starting point for the design. The plaza is a grid of 10x10 trees in a strict square that adapts to pre-existing paths, a mini tennis court, and an existing kiosk. 

Initially, some lightweight coligües (local bamboo) structures will provide shade for users and protect newly planted trees. Over time, these structures will disappear to make way for growing trees.