2009 / Talca, Chile / Taller de Obra, Univ. de Talca

Prof. Juan Pablo Corvalan, Teacher Assistant: Gabriel Vergara


Under the framework of August Workshop of Architecture School at University of Talca, "Plaza Bosque" is a project developed by students and teachers, which addresses the concern of incorporating temporality and management of the least possible maintenance resources before intervening in a semiabandoned public space.

Thus, the proposed plaza, firstly recognizes the pre-existence of paths, a mini court and a produce shop to later plant a grid of 10 x 10 trees in a strict square. Initially, some lightweight structures of coligües (local bamboo) would provide shade and protect the newly planted trees. Over time, these structures were set to disappear to give way to the growing trees.


At night, the reflective tapes attached to the coligües shined with car lights to generate a nocturnal presence of the Project.