2009 / Talca, Chile / Taller de Obra, Universidad de Talca


The Design Studio-Workshop is an academic exercise and project developed by students and faculty team. Together, we identified a semi-abandoned public space. Students designed it using only their own resources and those provided by the School of Architecture.

The students negotiated a donation of 100 small trees that were used as a starting point for the design. The plaza is a grid of 10x10 trees in a strict square that adapts to pre-existing paths, a mini tennis court, and an existing kiosk. Then, the group designed and built light structures of a local species of bamboo to protect the small trees and give them space and time to grow. 


Faculty: Juan Pablo Corvalan, Gabriel Vergara / Students 5th year: Mario Ignacio Verdugo, Patricia Urrutia, Raul Hayden, Alfonso Garrido, Samuel Jara, Carolina Solorza, Jose Luis Garrido / 4th year: Cristian Nuñez, Cristian Chavez Vidal, Roberto Barraza, Catalina Rojas, Marcelo Ojeda, Cristian Millán / 3rd year: Ariel Oyarzun Navarro, Marina Gonzalez, Claudia Palma, Carol Soto Gonzalez, Cinthia Garrido, Claudia Hernandez Peña, Fabrizio Rivano Miccono, Carla Muñoz Palma, Paulina Loyola Fernandez, Maria Jesús Varas / 2nd year: Jose Hormazabal Saez, Nadia Cerpa, Julia Lopez, Esthefany Contreras, Yasna Rivera, Yoselyn soto, Martin Fernandez, Edison Rey Ormazabal.